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About U focuses on improving standardized test scores by teaching through the eyes of an athlete.  This will improve a student athlete's ability to effectively and efficiently apply general test taking and concept specific techniques.
Standardized Testing

Focus: Improve Standardized test scores and create an academics first environment

  • 3 Phases

    • Phase 1: Overcome Fear of standardized testing: limits like fears are often an illusion

      • Understand students fears, explain the test and communicate our plan

      • Stress the importance of test taking techniques being consistently applied

      • Use sports to assist in teaching, provide context and increase repetitions

    • Phase 2: Build off confidence from successes in Phase 1

      • Recruit top students and natural leaders to foster a positive learning environment

      • Analyze standardized test scores using technology  to create benchmarks, compare to previous tests and to identify improvements

      • Praise and reward students with the largest improvements and those who represent our core principles.  

      • Academic achievements are recognized by the entire About U staff with more enthusiasm than athletic achievements

    • Phase 3: Culture Change and exceptional learning opportunities

      • Students compete in academics

      • Students brag, trash talk and post on social media their academic achievements

      • A student driven culture based on competing in all aspects of life spreads and is marketed by the students

Career Field Days

Field Trips and Career Guest Speakers

About U's primary focus is to provide the future "U" desire.  We will provide our members with real life experiences to learn first hand about careers.  Guest speakers from various careers, college's and current members will speak with our members to give their point of view and to create  exceptional learning opportunities.  Our belief is you can learn from all experiences and from anyone.