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Physical Preparation

We believe in creating well-balanced athletes to achieve optimal physical performance not only in competition but in everyday life. Committed to total physical preparation: athletes will go through the appropriate steps that are necessary for sustained performance.  This will be accomplished by adhering to the principles of sports performance.

By Adhering to our Core Development Pyramid TM  or C.D.P we can achieve full athletic potential

  • CORE 1: General Physical Preparedness (GPP) Preparatory phase of training that Is intended to provide balanced physical conditioning in endurance, strength, speed, flexibility and other basic factors of fitness.

  • CORE 2 : Special Physical Preparedness (SPP) Involves training a sequence of specific movements that are directly related to their sport.

  • CORE 3: Sport Specific Preparedness (SSP) Training includes movements specific to a sport that can only be learned through repetition of those movements.

  • CORE 4: Mental/Emotional Preparedness (MEP) Training used to help athletes push themselves to exceed their physical goals. A true champion uses the synergy of mental, emotional and physical training and talent to be the best.


  • Research also indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means consistent adherence to a proper development program can have a positive impact on child's academic achievement.

  • Combine this with a positive , focused , and encouraging environment that leads to continued relationships between our athletes that have impacts well beyond just physical development of oneself, but a community support system .

  • Leading to our development acronym of K.O.S.T.T. which stands for " Knowledge of self through training".  

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