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Recruiting / Social Development

Recruiting services focuses on developing teamwork, marketing, interview skills and how to interact with coaches. These skills are necessary and crucial to a student athlete's future success in the Job market. Through social media players will promote their teammates, program and school achievements creating a sense of pride in their program and school. 
Recruiting Services
Social Development

A general over view and focus of recruiting services for teams/programs only:

  • Academics, Academics, Academics!!

  • Teamwork, Community and giving back

  • Review highlight film

  • How to use Twitter appropriately, effectively and efficiently to improve the player, program and school's brand and marlet size


  • Creating a Market

  • Format of Twitter posts, what to post and when

  • Who to tag

  • Who to follow

  • How to organize followers

  • Sending film/format of DM

  • Interaction with coaches and questions to ask


  • The AU Team will come to your school to assist, review and answer player and staff questions

  • Will review tweets daily and give suggestions for improvement

  • DM the AU Team questions


  • Post players academic and athletic achievements on AU's twitter 

  • Post to co ‘18 and co ‘19 varsity highlight films to AU's twitter 

Our recruiting program's primary focuses are to develop the following social skills:​

  • Interviewing Skills

    • How to prepare for an interview with a college, recruiting service or job

    • Mock interview

    • Thank you letters/e-mail

  • Networking

    • Developing relationships

    • Getting out of your comfort zone to establish a new norm​

  • Team Work

    • We always work in teams, to leverage ideas, create innovation, teach compromising and empower youth/young adults